Acoustic designAcoustic design

  • All acoustic aspects of commercial, public, industrial, retail, residential, hospitality, and health
  • Speech privacy and intelligibility design
  • Vibration isolation
  • Review of acoustic design and mitigations
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Acoustic design

Active transportActive transport

  • Active transport data collection and analysis
  • Conceptual design of network infrastructure and end-of-trip facilities
  • Infrastructure safety assessment, countermeasure identification, and design
  • Behaviour change programs, education, and promotion
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Active transport

Air qualityAir quality

  • Ambient monitoring
  • Emission estimation and dispersion modelling
  • Impact and occupational health assessments
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Air quality

Data collection and surveysData collection and surveys

  • Operators of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
  • Road asset management – data collection, validation and analysis (including road traffic signs, ITS infrastructure, and street lighting)
  • Developers of specialised ‘apps’ for road asset data collection using GPS-enabled field tablets
  • Traffic data collection, parking, and pedestrian surveys
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Data collection and surveys

Design draftingDesign drafting

  • Civil (roads) design and drafting
  • Conceptual traffic engineering designs
  • Traffic signal and road lighting design
  • Intersection, cycling, and pedestrian facilities
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Design drafting

Intelligent Transport SystemsIntelligent Transport Systems

  • Managed motorways planning, design, and operations
  • Ramp signal control and management
  • Real-time monitoring and information
  • Development of design and tendering documentation
  • Design verification
  • Asset management
  • Electrical and ITS infrastructure design
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Intelligent Transport Systems

Network operationsNetwork operations

  • Traffic investigations, countermeasure identification and design
  • Intersection operational performance, modelling, and microsimulation analysis
  • Traffic signal operational audits
  • Local area traffic management solutions
  • Diversion routes and heavy vehicle route assessment
  • Streetscaping projects
  • ITS applications
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Network operations

Noise impact assessmentsNoise impact assessments

  • Transportation noise (road, rail, aircraft)
  • Industry and commercial noise
  • Child care centres, hospitality, health and education facility noise
  • Construction noise and vibration predictions, management plans, and development of monitoring systems
  • Mitigation design
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Noise impact assessments

Occupational health and safety auditsOccupational health and safety audits

  • Site specific noise and vibration measurements
  • Noise dosimetry
  • Whole-body and hand-arm vibration
  • Factory noise mapping
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Occupational health and safety audits

Road safetyRoad safety

  • Road safety auditing – concept, feasibility, design, pre-opening, existing stages
  • Roadside hazard investigations – mass data collection, countermeasure identification, and scheme design
  • Road crash investigations
  • Road crash data analysis – countermeasure identification and design
  • Road safety funding submissions
  • School safety reviews
  • Development of industry guidelines, policies, and standards
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Road safety

Road signing and delineationRoad signing and delineation

  • Road traffic signing schemes – mass data collection, review, and design
  • Guide signs (direction, tourist, service) – policy and design
  • Line and pavement markings – mass data collection, review, and scheme design
  • Delineation (REGP and RRPM) – mass data collection, review, and scheme design
  • Development of industry guidelines, policies, and standards
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Road signing and delineation

Speed managementSpeed management

  • Speed limit reviews
  • Advisory speed signing assessment using an accelerometer (Vericom)
  • Development of industry guidelines, policies, and standards
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Speed management


  • Residential construction, high-rise building, civil construction, bridges, and structural
  • 12d modelling, Trimble Business Centre, Pix4D, GPS, and multi-rotor UAVs
  • Detailed work for pre-design surveys
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