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Darren Shirley – Principal Consultant

Darren has over 30 years of experience as a technical practitioner, including 25+ years in
traffic and road safety. Prior to establishing RoadPro Consulting, Darren held numerous
technical positions with state and local government road agencies in Queensland, Western
Australia, and Victoria. Darren has extensive experience conducting traffic and road safety
investigations and developing effective and cost-efficient engineering solutions. He is highly
skilled and experienced with detailed analysis and preparing comprehensive reports.
Darren has used his broad knowledge and experience to assist road authorities with the
development of numerous industry guidelines and standards.

In addition to his technical expertise, Darren has highly developed project management and
organisational skills, with engagement by state and local government agencies to assist with
the development and delivery of projects and programs. Darren is a registered Senior Road
Safety Auditor and has completed training in road crash investigation. He holds
memberships with Engineers Australia and the Australian Institute of Traffic Planning and
Management (AITPM).

Kirk Jackson – Principal Traffic Engineer

Kirk has over a decade’s experience as a civil engineer in the private and public sectors. He has worked on a range of traffic, Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), and traffic signals projects, as well as experience with project management, provision of technical advice, and stakeholder engagement. With over a decade of traffic experience working on road network projects for the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR), he has an outstanding understanding of the department’s traffic management requirements, as well as departmental guidelines, standards, and expectations.

Kirk has in-depth knowledge and understanding of modelling software used for operational
analysis. He is a Registered Professional Engineer Queensland (Civil), Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng), and a member of AITPM.

Joseph Carroll – Principal Acoustic Engineer

Joe’s environmental engineering qualification, combined with RPEQ Civil certification and
significant site experience in building and civil construction, makes for a uniquely practical
skill set.

Joe’s specialisation in acoustics spans over 12 years and incorporates hundreds of projects,
with a diverse range of applications within the field of acoustics. Projects requiring
regulatory approval have ranged from small residential development assessments through
to large scale environmental impact assessments for mining operations and pipeline
construction. All have incorporated diverse acoustic design work including environmental
noise barriers, enclosures, building façade design, speech privacy, and building services.
Specialist acoustical design work for projects requiring bespoke designs have included
sound isolation of offices in factories, reverberation control in spaces such as sports halls
and dance studios, and management of noise in close proximity to sensitive receivers. Joe is
also proficient in the use of computer models for predicting road traffic and rail noise, as
well as environmental noise from industry and internal building element acoustic
performance. Joe is a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (Civil) and Member of
the Australian Acoustical Society.

Andrew Woods – Principal Electrical Engineer

Andrew’s long experience working within state government has allowed him to become a highly respected ITS and electrical engineers. His skills range from strategic planning, design, construction, operations and whole-of-life maintenance across all types of infrastructure such as ITS, traffic signals, and roadway lighting.

His program and project management experience supplement his technical expertise, contributing to his ability to develop holistic infrastructure and business management plans tailored to specific needs while adhering to all relevant standards. He has worked extensively throughout Queensland representing TMR within numerous project teams comprised of multi-discipline members. Andrew is a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (Electrical) and a Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng).

Luke Kidd – Engineering Consultant

Luke has been working as a technical practitioner in the traffic and road safety field for
over 25 years. Prior to joining RoadPro Consulting in 2011, he was employed by TMR.
Luke has extensive experience conducting traffic and road safety investigations and
preparing detailed reports. His investigations have been conducted across a broad range of
state and local government roads, as well as privately operated mining haul networks. His
knowledge and ability extend to developing conceptual and detailed design drawings.

Luke is highly proficient in the use of applications such as AutoCAD, BricsCAD, Corel
Graphics Suite, MapInfo, TrasiCad, and TraSis. He also possesses a high-level knowledge and
understanding of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Global Positioning Systems
(GPS). Luke is a registered Senior Road Safety Auditor and has completed training in road
crash investigation.

Danielle Jackson – Active Transport Consultant

With over a decade’s experience working as a travel behaviour change specialist, Danielle
has assisted many organisations develop and implement programs that encourage people
to reduce their reliance on car travel. The services Danielle can provide covers all facets of
active transport including project management, developing TravelSmart plans, and
delivering education and training. Her proven results in getting more people walking,
cycling, and catching public transport has assisted communities to improve safety and
organisations to deliver integrated transport objectives.


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